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Carla Hunter, President of Career Span, Inc. is a Master Career Counselor (MCC) by the National Career Development Association and a Certified Career Coach by the National Board for Certified Counselors. She is an expert in writing resumes, effective job search strategies and interviewing success. Most recently, with over 20 years of navigating the complexity of today's world of work, she published "Finding Your Place in the World of Work", a career interest inventory (2014) and CareerView, an iPad app. As a private practice career counselor and a workforce development consultant, this blog is Carla's trove of ideas, trends, forecasts, and career tips for finding meaningful work.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Career mastery is in your hands, not the employer's

As a career counselor that works everyday with clients who have lost their job, are seeking to change careers or want to confirm their current path, all have one common denominator:
they are the ones in control of their future even though at times it doesn't appear that way.

Over the past three years, the job market has given everyone a chilling and sometimes brutal wake up call: job security is the greatest mirage in the world of work.

Many jobs once called "hot" are now cold. Many companies who once were teeming with employees are now hollow with very few people remaining. We have become a lean job market machine and the excess fat has been thrown out the door. But hey, wait! Isn't there a good use for what an employer may deem unnecessary or no longer a viable contribution?

The answer is yes. The questions that matters most are these:

Are you tired of not knowing what will happen to your job today?
What about tomorrow?
Next week?

The critical response to these questions is what are you doing to stay relevant, timely and indispensable to your employer?
Or better yet, what would it look like if you were your employer? What if your destiny hinged on you alone not some corporate stock price?

The world is now at your finger tips. The canvas is blank with hope and promise. The key to your successful worklife has always been in your hand. Isn't it time to unlock a new door of opportunity?

The quest is for the true meaning of becoming an entreprenuer and owning your career outcomes. You don't have to buy a franchise or develop some ingenious new contraption.

What you do need is a level of discomfort in the status quo and waking up every morning wishing you could change your small corner of the world for better.

In the next post, I will share what that might look like. It isn't a mirage after all.