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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Priceless Art Burned: Beauty Turned to Ashes

Today, art lovers grieve the travesty of priceless works of beloved artists being burned to cover the crime of stealing them. To set fire to irreplaceable beauty and masterpieces is unfathomable.

Read the story here.

The act of someone burning them in an oven provoked deep emotion as I realized fire turned something invaluable into nothing but rubble and ashes.

It reminds me of how we so easily forget and neglect our God-given potential, talent and skills in much the same way by wasting our opportunity to make a difference in the world.

When we forget who we are and the potential residing in our hearts, it is akin to burning away a masterpiece that cannot be replaced.  Our skills smolder as we waste away each day in angst, indecision or unhappiness.

God, the master artist, created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in each of us to bring meaning and beauty to others by action, words and relationship.

Each of us is given a calling, a vocation to accomplish through a myriad of career choices.  There are reasons for our existence and the journey to discover our multi-purposed life is nothing short of pure beauty.

To think you are not good enough, prepared enough, strong enough, or ready enough is as though you are turning an oven on to a broiling temperature and burning your potential to rubble.

Life is art lived out on the canvas of daily rituals, events, routines and habits.  Your capacity to be spontaneous, accomplish goals, to learn new things and to overcome fear creates a masterpiece of richness and depth for others to preserve your legacy for generations to come.

What else possibly matters more than loving and serving others?

The paint of your life is your willingness to be fully alive and present in this moment.
As Monet's masterpiece cannot be replaced, neither can you.

Don't let fear steal your priceless time and burn away the moments for why you are alive.