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Carla Hunter, President of Career Span, Inc. is a Master Career Counselor (MCC) by the National Career Development Association and a Certified Career Coach by the National Board for Certified Counselors. She is an expert in writing resumes, effective job search strategies and interviewing success. Most recently, with over 20 years of navigating the complexity of today's world of work, she published "Finding Your Place in the World of Work", a career interest inventory (2014) and CareerView, an iPad app. As a private practice career counselor and a workforce development consultant, this blog is Carla's trove of ideas, trends, forecasts, and career tips for finding meaningful work.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Martin Luther King's Dream

My recent visit to Ebenezer Baptist Church, the home pulpit for Dr. Martin Luther King was very sobering. The church pews, podium and even microphone are frozen in time in the warmth of a fire inside a man who stood for social justice, equal rights and dignity.  He looked upon all of us with such fierce love and determination.

It was a calling he could not ignore and was willing to die....and did die, all for the passion in his soul.
What are you willing to die for?

As a career counselor, I often blog about resume templates, job search strategies and the most effective interviewing techniques. Not today. 

Rather, I am asking myself this question:

What is one thing I would risk my very life for to be so passionate, so surrendered, so devoted to that it would be worth sacrificing my very life?  Am I willing to live for something worth dying for?

Or better yet, am I willing to live for what matters most?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Geese Lesson for the Job Search

Geese are a perfect example of our desperate need for community during challenging times. Their instinctive V formation pattern centers on the momentum and thrust of wind found in the wake of each other's strength. 

They first form the V shape through an orderly and noisy pecking rite. It seems to make flying almost effortless. They work in unison even while honking in a loud pitch.  They muster energy from a community source that otherwise would make the long stretches of flight seem impossible.

If you are a job-seeker without a V formation of friends and colleagues surrounding you, find the migratory patterns of community.  Where can you make a difference even when not getting paid? Devote several hours of week serving your community.

Don't fly alone.  You are more susceptible to discouragement, fear and defeat.  Without the strength of others, it takes a whole lot longer to reach your destination.

Job searching requires community strength