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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where Will the Job Market Grow?

As our information age re-tools the job market from its transition from industrialization to technology, here is a list of markets to pay attention to in the next few years:

1. Go green! The market will expand, even explode due to demands for ways to utilize and harness natural sources of energy including solar, water and wind power. Our society’s increasing emphasis of decreasing carbon footprints may increase new opportunities. Also, the increased production of soy, corn, grapes and new fuel sources for biotechnology will increase demand for specialized occupations.
2. The wave on the horizon, social enterprise! Social enterprises are for profit companies that have a non for profit cause embedded in their business model. Likely to catch the attention and support of consumers, social enterprise models provide a cause for improving the world with clean water, food or resources that go way beyond a purchased product. A leading force to be reckoned with is Ethos water. Visit them on the web:
3. Federally funded opportunities- The stimulus array of opportunities in conjunction with the projected demand of population growth while increase the federally funded jobs on a national scale. Visit:
4. Products for a new generation of spenders- Anything that is fast, furious and fun will increase demand from a younger and larger population that exceeds the baby boomers. This will include savvy electronic toys, speedy motorcycles and retailers that market to especially 20 to 35 year olds.
5. Technical trades- Occupations such as electrician, plumber and mechanic will maintain demand as 85% of the national job market requires technical trade certification.
Bi-lingual – The increased Hispanic population will drive the demand higher for professionals who speak Spanish in every industry.

So look for increased demand in mechanics, truck drivers, electricians, systems analysts, social enterprise project managers, technicians, correction officers, engineers and even the sales representatives of fast and furious Suzuki motorcycles. And if you happen to speak fluent Spanish, you’ll be in high demand with your skill-set.

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