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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Independent Contractor: That is you!

In the future, we will work.  But, not necessarily have a job.

What in the world of work does this mean?
Well, it's complicated!  Basically, this statement is influenced by the following:

1.  Work is changing so rapidly that employers are trying to do more with less and that means contracting work out rather than in house employees.  Thus, opportunity is available but not the way we used to think.
2. Each worker in the future will have a core skill-set that several employers contract to complete projects rather than fulfill job descriptions. It is so much cheaper.  Independent contractors have perks with this relationship considered imperative such as flexibility and more autonomy to focus on life beyond work.
3. Depending on what happens with health care (if employers continue to pay more), the employee numbers will shrink and people will have to become self-employed 1099 workers forming the independent contractor mode of survival.  They will have no certain collar color.  Blue, white, green, whatever!  Actually, maybe even pajamas.
4.  The 21st century workplace will require this mindset because it is a global marketplace.  China and Japan on your neighbors.

This work place model of the future demands that everyone be a continuous learner and adaptable to change.  There hasn't been this much drama in the workplace in years.  The industrial revolution is dead and technology has replaced the former paradigm.  It will be all about how you can complete the deliverables list for a company in a timely and efficient way.

So what does this mean for you?

Don't get comfortable in your job ever. 
Don't think your career field won't be affected by this new revolution.

Do learn new skills and update your business portfolio.
Do stay awake and alert to what is happening.  So many people are sleeping right through the window of opportunity to learn. 
Do be ready at a moment's notice to acclimate to the ever changing demands of the world of work.  It is the chameleon of today and your future viability depends on how well you know it.  Right now, it is shaping up to be an independent contractor's paradise.

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