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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Job Market Puzzle: Where Do You Fit?

Today's job market is similar to thousands of puzzle pieces that don't seem to fit together and are scattered randomly across a kitchen table.

Whenever you're frustrated with the consuming and meticulous work of putting a puzzle together, pieces don't naturally fall into place. You have to work at finding the linkage. To expedite the process, you can do one of the following:

1. Complete the border first and work from the outside in.
2. Match the color patterns together especially if they are stark.
3. Default to examining the picture on the box.

Isn't that what we do with a job search or a career choice when the future is unclear?

Of course, we are more than a piece of a puzzle but the metaphor resonates with today's job market.

Think about the following similarities between you and a puzzle piece:

  • Each of us have boundaries and can only go so far
  • Each of us have a specific role to play in an organization with our unique fit
  • We must be highly interconnected as we need one another
  • We are unique in our nature, shape, size and color 
  • Like a puzzle, we can be fragile and breakable if pulled too hard
  • The whole of the puzzle is greater than the sum of its parts just as we can accomplish more together than individually.
  • There are natural groupings of a puzzle based on color, size, shape and border. We tend to migrate toward others like us.
  • The puzzle completion needs someone with an overall vision, the one looking at the cover of a puzzle box.
Where do you fit in this complex job market puzzle?  Where is the job matching your talent?

Take lessons from the putting a puzzle together:

1. Appreciate being interconnected.
2. Migrate to professionals like you.
3. Validate the diversity you bring to the table.
4. Be willing to play whatever role is needed in an organization.
5. Hold onto the vision of your career when it seems like nothing is falling into place.

Do you have a lesson to add to my list?  There are employers needing your unique contribution. The key is how you intentionally connect and convince how your skills fit.

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